Why God isn’t compatible with Religion

I’m used to seeing and reading why this or that is incompatible with Christianity and it makes me laugh.  It makes me laugh a lot.Because God, or G-d if your superstition is even more ridiculous giving power over Yahweh to the ink upon paper, isn’t compatible with religion.

Where does your religion come from? It’s from three places: divine inspiration (to prophets), divine interpretation (from prophets), or theology (everyone else).  You are probably in the last bit.  God doesn’t care enough about you to so completely prove themselves to you through miracle or has not directly granted you tablets, bushes on fire or spoken to you in such a way that you should go up to Obama (since you think they’re the antichrist, like Ramses) and turn your American flag cane into an Asp to free god fearing men from all the oppression Obama isn’t doing to you.

But what do I mean? I mean that religion doesn’t need God.  It’s all theology.  Your church was built by you, it is paid for by you.  The sermon each week is written by your minister.  Your minister learned theology from a professor.  That professor learned from the religion’s text which has so many numerous translations across different sects there is no longer a mandate of authenticity in anyway.  Malachai speaks of the God that doesn’t change, but god changed a bunch.  Specifically on Pentecost when God literally takes the new form of the Holy Spirit.  It’s the completion of the Trinity.  Either God changed or God believes they don’t owe you all of themselves until it’s convenient for them to do so.  Which kinda flies in the face of coming to Earth as a person (another change) which also changes depending on which Gospel you want to believe: the Synoptics or John.

Judaism knows this and doesn’t acknowledge it head on. But they also don’t worry about the reality or falsity of God.  Faith isn’t dependent or reliant on fact.  That’s why it is faith.  Morality isn’t reliant on God either.  Because if you need God to tell you to be good you aren’t a good person, but a willing slave (something Jewish people have some history with of understanding).

Islam is a whole other thing which gets a strange makeover and solidifies the former kingdoms of Mesopotamia, Babylon, Assyria and across the Arabian peninsula against the rising power of Rome and Christianity.  Islam brings new theology and reinterpretation of many of the same verses from the old and new testaments.  Officially they consider Jesus a prophet.  You know how Jesus considered Elijah a prophet.  Because we’re actually that connected.  Great ideas play well with the regular crowds.  Which is you. But church is cheaper than a bar eh?

God needs you more than you need god.  And your religion needs you more than it needs God.  As Paul said in The Last Temptation of Christ

“It doesn’t matter what you say because they listen to me.”

Start listening to yourselves and you’ll wonder why you actual believe.


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